Masquelier's Original and Authentic French Pycnogenols and OPCs

Masquelier's Original and Authentic French Pycnogenols and OPCs

Dosage Information for

Most individuals take one mg of Masquelier''s OPCs per pound of body weight per day. For example, a 100 lb. person would take 100 mg per day. Most build up gradually over the first week (see below). Children and adults under 100 lbs. take 100 mg per day. It is common to take more for specific needs. Masquelier''s Original OPCs are completely safe and no known toxicities exist, click here for details. Many people take double this amount very successfully.

The compound is usually best consumed twice daily with meals or shortly after meals. Tablets can be pulverized and mixed with food or beverages for children, if there is difficulty swallowing tablets.

Gradual Saturation for the elderly

"The substance has no drug interactions, does not cause mutation, is non-carcinogenic (cancer), non-teratogenic (birth defects) and non-antigenic (allergic reaction) - a compound that has undergone rigorous testing abroad for over thirty years. This intense scrutiny has confirmed its safety profile and lack of toxicity. Aside from it''s role as a free radical scavenger and molecular protectant, Maritime Pine also helps "repair". It fights inflammation by inhibiting enzymes that cause pain in arthritis, sports injuries, and certain headaches. It restores joint flexibility. It strengthens all components of the cardiovascular system: heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries. Skin smoothness and elasticity is improved by realigning collagen fibers to a more youthful, undamaged form and increasing it''s binding to elastin. Finally, this substance reduces the effects of stress, improves sleep as well as sluggish memory and gives the individual an overall sense of well being. All these benefits have been proven through detailed laboratory and clinical investigations in animals and in humans which have been published in foreign medical journal articles numbering over a thousand.

1. Start with 1 tablet on the first day, increasing the dosage slowly, until you reach SATURATION according to your weight. If you experience any signs of DETOXIFICATION, increase your dose more slowly. Drink plenty of pure water to flush toxins.

2. MAINTAIN SATURATION FOR 30 DAYS. If your progress is satisfactory, stay on SATURATION until attaining your desired health.

3. If your progress is not satisfactory after 30 days at SATURATION increase your dose to DOUBLE SATURATION. Continue until your progress in satisfactory.

4. Once you have attained satisfactory health, slowly decrease your dose until you reach a MAINTENANCE dose. Do not decrease so low that your symptoms of poor health come back.

"DETOXIFICATION - this phenomenon is the reason I stress gradual introduction of these compounds into the body. As we have previously discussed, a multitude of factors come to bear on each of us daily, creating billions of destructive free radical molecules. These in turn signal a chain reaction which ultimately leads to many of the degenerative processes we are all too familiar with. When we now send "the Calvary" antioxidants in to confront these demons, an understandable war ensues. Depending on the size of the enemy, this battle can rage on for quite some time. As well, depending on the size of the Calvary, many casualties may be released at once in the form of toxins. This detoxification or "healing crisis" of the body is sure to be felt for a variable amount of time, and in my experience takes one of a few forms. The following is a list of the most commonly experienced detoxification symptoms: Sinus congestion, Fever, Moodiness, Constipation, Cold symptoms, Rash, Cough, Gas, Itchy Skin, Diarrhea, Headache, Flu Symptoms, Fatigue, Irritability, Stomachache.

"This conglomeration of symptoms range from mild to severe, and may last anywhere from one day to a few weeks. Gradually building the doses will minimize the likelihood, severity, and duration of this detoxification period. Again, my experience has shown me that the older the individual and the more severe the medical problem(s), the more profound is the detoxification period. If one experiences any of the above detoxification symptoms, it is actually a good sign that the compounds are working. However, one now has two choices. The first, is to maintain the dosing schedule as outlined in the tables and tolerate the symptoms for as long as they may last. During this time, it is important to drink a lot of water to help flush out the toxins. The other option is to back off the dose that initiated these symptoms and then build back up more slowly." (1)

In France, Masquelier named his product PYCNOGENOL, but now he cannot use his trade name within the United States because of Horphag. However, he has won the rights back to his PYCNOGENOL trade name in many other countries, including Australia. Therefore, until the trademark issue is resolved in the United States, Masquelier''s true OPCs patented invention is known by his name, MASQUELIER''s®.

Over 50 Years of Research

Masquelier''s Original OPCs and authentic French Pycnogenols invention has a well documented proven record of 50 years of scientific research and human studies, conducted through universities, scientific institutes, hospitals and clinics by medical practitioners, dieticians and specialists of various professions. For proven results, look for MASQUELIER''s® name and patent on the bottle.

The Proprietary Formula is not available in any store.

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**PYCNOGENOL is a registered trademark of the International Nutrition Company (France, Portugal, Australia, South Korea, and other countries) and Horphag Overseas Ltd. (U.S. and other countries) protected by U.S. Patent # 4,698,360 and international patents. Professor Jack Masquelier is the inventor of both the patent and the term, "PYCNOGENOL". And now Prof. Masquelier''s French companies, including Société Civile d''Investigations Pharmacologiques d''Aquitaine (SCIPA), are members of the International Nutrition Company (INC) group of companies.

Masquelier named and trademarked his invention PYCNOGENOL® in France, but now he cannot use his trade name within the U.S. because of his former International broker, Horphag. According to Dr. Masquelier (who does not speak English): "Horphag plans coup and secretively files for registration of the trademark in it''s own name... This covert attempt to grab control by means of plain theft of intellectual property set the stage for the current trademark problems." Therefore, Horphag changed extraction manufacturing companies and now sells a DIFFERENT pine bark based extract - NOT manufactured or endorsed by Masquelier. Horphag''s extract does NOT carry the trademark PYCNOGENOL in France. On the other hand, Masquelier''s extract does NOT carry the trademark PYCNOGENOL in Amercia. This is why there is much confusion in the American marketplace. Therefore, while the legal issues of terminology are settled in the United States courts, look for MASQUELIER''s® name and patent on the bottle. These products GUARANTEE Masquelier''s genuine FRENCH PYCNOGENOL extract to distinguish his original OPCs products from inactive bioflavonoids, generic grape seed and pine bark extracts and other offshoot products, passed off by unauthorized competitors. Prof. Masquelier''s authentic oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) from Maritime Pine tree bark and grape seeds are the result of 50 years of scientific research and development. The original MASQUELIER''s products are unsurpassed, well defined, safe and highly efficaceous patented products. Look for the authentic MASQUELIER''s®. You can feel the difference!

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1. Gary Fischbach, M.D., "Nature''s Miracles II, an M.D.''s Experience."