July »  2010 »  Union Health

July » 2010 » Union Health

Know about the Health issues facing by mankind

My Blog will help you greatly by providing valuable information in the field of medical science. This Blog will also render quality information on health tips, medical advancement and knowledge on disease.

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Brain Age: Condition & heads rejuvenate the brain

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ – a healthy mind in a healthy body. What the Romans already knew, is now confirmed by neuro scientists? Who I jog regularly, which is always fixed again how much the upper story of the movement also benefits. So I do not need a brain scanner tests in a laboratory [...]

Zilgrei is a holistic method to take his well-being into their own hands. As a gentle help for self it has proved itself in all sorts of pain such as chronic back pain or during pregnancy. Zilgrei (ZIL + gripper is composed of the surnames of the inventors) is a holistic approach to self-treatment. The [...]

Is Spinach contains a lot of iron?

Generations of poor children were from their mothers, aunts and Omis tortured with no sense of the green plague. Not anymore! A simple calculation error and the indiscriminate copying of false numbers have the spinach (Spinacia oleracea) Top-iron rose to suppliers. In 1890 the Swiss scientist Gustav had identified one of Bunge iron content of [...]

Hemiplegia: What is the difference with hemiparesis?

Half-body paralysis caused due to the damage in the brain. Hemiplegia and hemi paresis both describe paralysis of a similar course. But where is the difference between the two symptom descriptions? Palsy means paralysis, Hemi means half. The main difference between hemiplegia and hemi paresis is simple. The hemiplegia is a half-page, full paralysis, the [...]

New study on damage to ultrasound during pregnancy

The time reports on possible damage: ultrasound can disrupt the development of brain cells in the fetus. “Researchers at Yale University have shown that ultrasound waves can influence the unborn child can have badly well – and at their neurons. The team which is highly respected neurobiologist Pasco Rakia sat mice in the last three [...]

The oxygen therapy: treatment for serious diseases

Caution, risk of explosion! When using pure oxygen caution. For with the oxygen therapy should anyone go into the air? Does she still found little attention in traditional medicine; they should still be good to oxygen deficiency diseases of all kinds. When oxygen therapy is concentrated oxygen (O ²) supplied via the airways. The increased [...]

A heart attack manifests itself differently in women than in men. Since women have a different perception of pain and because of misdiagnosis, the symptoms and warning signs are often misinterpreted or diagnosed too late. Whereas in men a heart attack usually by pain in his left shoulder announcing that radiate to the chest and [...]

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